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Originally Posted by Stephane99 View Post

Lots of interesting project pops up when you get a new old boat... So far we have thoroughly enjoyed our new Attalia and have had a busy summer sailing season except for some 'discoveries' that the surveyor missed when looking at the boat last fall.

We had a leak in our dark water tank, it is patched now but we will need a new one, has anyone ever replaced this tank ? I am told I need to have it custom made, has anyone replace this tank in an Attalia and found a fit on the market from a pre-built one ?

We also found out that our refrigeration unit was toast, I got a replacement unit and was looking for advice on where to place it. It was originally in the lazarette but that doesn't really work, I think this is why we replacing it, the unit gets banged up when you keep going into the lazarette.

The person that I am working with is suggesting to install it under the sink, I am reluctant to install it there because it is already crowded, there is the water pump and all the hoses down there. I am thinking that installing it there will make it too crowded if I need to fix anything else. The other option is under the settee but we use the space for storage.

Has anyone install a refrigeration unit ? If so where and what is your experience in this location.


Stephane Gagnon


We have installed ourselves (Meeting with ISO 8099 rules required in Spain) a 50L dark water tank. We did in the pope starboard (outside) we put at the bottom buying a form to take into account the curve of the Attalia.
We passd a tube from the WC to the tank, a tube from the tank to the outside (roof), to empty in harbour, and a tube back
to WC. Also a small tube steping out among engine indicators to breathe.
It tooks us almost 8 hours of work but we saved $1200 that wanted us to pay.
Because the trunk is big is not difficult to install it.
Also we have a refrigeration unit under the sink, if you open the door on the left we have the electrical pump an in the right is the refrigeration unit, on the ouside we have a small screen that indicates the temperature.

As soon as I get back I will take some pictures of both...

About the bilge pumps, we have three, 2 electrical one under the table, another in the engine, and the manual in the shower.

I will keep you update...
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