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Lines aft - what''''s best?

I would say that the only part of Jim''s post that I agree with is to keep it simple. (Sorry Jim)

If you have a jib on a furler then you need to keep the jib halyard run back to the cockpit. When a furler jambs or binds it can often be cleared by increasing or decreasing halyard tension. Also if you are anxious enough to want to be able to reef from the cockpit (a very good idea on a boat this size) then you would also want the jib halyard lead to the cockpit because the first line that you need to adjust to pervent being overpowered as the wind speed comes up is the jib halyard. With that properly tensioned you may not even need to reef. And at the end of the day, the halyard will need to be eased when you get ready to furl the sail so as to not damage the luff of the sail.

I also think that it is important to bring the reef lines, outhaul and vang back to the cockpit if you are sailing shorthanded. These are adjustments that are made quite frequently while under way.

I strongly disagree with Jim that single line reefing is simple or a good idea. Single line reefing requires a more complex system of blocks, higher frictional loads, more potential for chafe, and hauling in a lot more line in order to pull in a reef. Single line reefing does not permit the independent adjustment of luff and clew which is often important in heavier going. While single line reefing works reasonably well for very small boats but in my opinion are not really suitable for larger boats. While two line reefing does require an extra sheeve on the line organizer, and extra stoppers or cam cleats, it is really the simplier, more reliable and therefore argueably the better way to go.

Faced with your current deck layout, I would probably move the spinacker pole lift to the mast (or remove it all together and just have a messenger line for the next owner who like many of us do not consider a assymetrical chute suitable for single-handing.) It sounds like you need to move three more lines aft on each side and that usually is not all that big a deal requiring only a second stack on your line organizer and three more stoppers or cam cleats each side. (the outhaul, reef tack lines, lazy jacks and vang can be on cam cleats the others should be on stoppers).

That is how I would set the boat up if she were mine and I was sailing in your waters.

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