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Trying to get an older Universal diesel running...experience appreciated!

I bougt a Cal 2-27 that has a 11-12hp? Universal diesel. It looks to be in great shape. The PO had is running 2 years ago right after he bought it. He said the mechanic had it on a travel lift and fired it up with a garden hose for cooling. He got it running but then i bogged down and choked. They hypothesized that old cruddy fuel clogged the injectors. The PO didn't want to wait for a fix so he bought a 5hp Merc and a motor mount in the meantime. I want to go back to using the inboard diesel. I am very mechanically inclined and want to do the work myself, but never did any work on a deisel. Does anyone have any advice on where to start? I don't want to pull the engine if I don't have to mess with the exhaust, cooling system, transmission, and linkages.

This isn't my engine, but it is of the same breed:11hp sailboat engine, Universal diesel 5411

Originally Posted by Bond-o View Post

While I have No Idea what your motor Is,...
I wrench on Diesels,.... Daily.....

Just like any other motor that you thnk might possibly be starving for Fuel,..

Start with the Fuel Filter,... Is fuel present,..?? Is it Dirty,..?? Change the filter anyways,...

Is fuel moving from the tank to the injection pump by the primary fuel pump,..??
Crack the fuel line where it enters the Injection Pump,... You should have leaking fuel while turnng the motor over...

If So,...
Crack the 1st injector line at the 1st injector,... You should get a Spray of fuel...
Move on to each injector line at each injector...
The motor should be Running, maybe Rough, but running before you get to far...

Oil Changes,+ Compression tests aside,......

Good Luck,....
Oh,.. Btw,.. A picture of the Motor instead of a Similar boat would be Nice,.......

Originally Posted by Bond-o View Post
Good Luck,....
Oh,.. Btw,.. A picture of the Motor instead of a Similar boat would be Nice,.......
Went out and took a good look today. When I bought this boat six months ago I never thought the diesel would ever run again. I was content with the 5hp Merc pushing her in and out of the marina. But man, leaning over the transom to control the motor sucks. I sail on a landlocked lake in moderate conditions so I was okay with the OB, this was a similar setup I used on prior sailboats. I remembered the PO said he had the diesel running, and that he also spent over 900 bucks on a new prop shaft. He got frustrated when he couldn't get a mechanic to get the motor in shape so he shortcut with the OB.

Okay this is what I found today:

This is the boat in question:

1979 Cal 2-27, located on J Percy Preist Lake, Nashille, TN:

Front view of the engine:

trying to get the model number:

Instrument cluster, turning the key does get the gauges to jump, the light goes on, but when I turn the key to engage the starter is just draws more on the battery, also the same when I swith on the glow plug, the blower does not work at this time:

New prop shaft:

I haven't identified the model yet, but this may be it:

Universal M-15 Images and Specifications - Universal Diesel Engine Owners Manual - Marine Diesel Direct / Torresen Sailing Site

The other things I learned today:

There is no fuel tank. It has been removed.
I put a wrench on the lower pulley in the first engine picture and I can move it easily.
There was some major crap in the breather when I took it off.

Any advice on the model would be great!

Any advice on how to proceed would be great!

I'm thinking I need to:

Get the blower working.
Get the starter turning the engine.
Get the fuel system complete.
THEN: start Bondo's diagnostics he gave me a couple of days ago.

Thanks all!

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