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Originally Posted by hillbillybear View Post
since I am so low on funds and since I have no skills to build, some of the guys at recommended that I try the site and build one of there boats.

I see, no building skills, no sailing skills and no money. I love a positive attitude but you need a plan. Which is why you are asking questions and reading. Let me tell you my experience.>>
I can pretty much guarantee you that with no building skills you will not be able to build anything cheaper that what you can buy used. I’ve got about $2,000 into a 10’ dinghy and I’m still not done and I have significant carpentry and cabinet making experience and about $7,000 in tools and a shop. Also unless you love building it will take much, much longer than you think and delay your cruising which is what you want to do. About 30 years ago my wife and I got a 22' Oday shoal draft and lived aboard in the keys for about 2 months. Good times, but we were both much thinner and it was the keys, who is indoors?>>
We loved it and decided we wanted a big boat. I found and raised a 36' Crocker schooner (beautiful boat) that was sunk at the dock and spent several months and many thousands trying to restore her. I failed, long story. We started having children and after having the stuffing knocked out of us by the schooner that was pretty much it for us for boats till last year. I’ve been sailing a friend’s boat and can tell you pretty accurately what we have been spending on it.>>
You sound like you are in exactly the same spot I was 30 years ago except I “thought” I had skills which frankly just complicated things. The following is the advice I wish someone would have given me all those years ago.>>
1. Pick a number, any number from 1,000 to 500,000 and buy your first boat. Don’t worry about it being the perfect boat it will not be. I’ve got some ideas about how to pick the boat if you are interested.>>
2. This boat has to be pretty ready to sail. Some paint etc is OK but no major repair.>>
3. Now learn to sail.>>
4. Save money>>
5. Trade up>>
6. Do 4 and 5 until >>
> >
You have the boat and money and experience to go cruising.>>
I wish you luck. I’m trying to make up for lost time. >>

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