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Toyota Sailboats??

Thanks, John, for asking that VERY good question.

And Jack, that was a very interesting observation about the boat industry. We have been driving Toyotas for about 15 years now and have owned 3 in that time (since we usually get about 180K miles before we replace them - and they are still running very well at that time, by the way).

Staying with the car anaolgy, while I look at cars 30-40 years old with some nostalgic envy at car shows, I know that almost everything about today''s cars is better, and usually FAR better.

I think that many improvements in some areas have been made by many builders who survive today (better resins, better glass to resin ratios, more consistent quality, higher quality wiring, better access to engine/service points, as a few examples). Simultaneously, though, it seems that other corners have been cut along the way.

As you said, I suppose there is such a vast difference in the numbers produced, that a comparison is difficult to make.

I also want to mention that in all my reading, it seems that a goodly number of sailors who are knowledgeable in boat design/building do not hold 1960s-80s boats to be universally good, either. What I have gleaned is that there was a large number of crappy to marginal boats built during those times, too. Like everything else, I think it just comes down to evaluating each boat on its merits. {wish I was smart enough to do that! ;-)]

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