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Originally Posted by AE28 View Post
Just in case it doesn't work out as planned, how long after the collision do I have to wait to throw the flag?
LOL, in terms of the AC boats it's immediately following the collision, by both boats!

Seriously; the issue of who is on what tack sometimes gets confused with other navigation rights. Just yesterday we were headed out for a sail and the Moore 24 fleet was headed out from the marina to their race. We were on starboard and windward; but were limited by shallow water to port. A couple of boats in the Moore fleet proceeded to take right-of-way without consideration for our draft and forced their way across our bow. I engaged reverse to slow our boat but really that was the only way to keep their boat from clipping us and for that I am glad that I had left the engine running while sailing under the main.

On our return the Richmond channel the Moore fleet was also headed back (after their race) in and the lead boat who was trying to cross our bow (who was windward) finally asked us if we could dip across his stern. I did; but really, he could have just spilled his sails and let us go by since his jockeying for position was in front of an outbound schooner. I guess they wanted additional bragging rights and the best bar stools.

I think this is the 3'rd time we have had crossing situations with the Moore fleet racers. A few months back we were sailing on port tack to the west of their finish line and had them crossing our bow while to windward without yielding right of way. We had given them plenty of room to finish their race and were just trying to sail to the north of their finish line. We had to heave-to and wait for the boats to disperse.

I find it funny that the racing crowd likes to impose their "rules" on everyone else out there at risk of collision. Guess that's the only way to win a one design race.
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