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Help…Logistics of Moving Aboard!

Best of luck Ed. The best advice I''ve seen is to down-size incramentally, and over an extended periond. Start making the transition now, in AZ. Have a couple of garage sales before you retire. Sell the house before you retire. Move into a studio appartment. Get use to living small.

And think through everything you''re going to give up. Do your children visit during the holidays? Do you (or will you) have grand children? What are you and your wife going to do with all the free time? And if this all works perfactly, what''s your exit stratagy-how do you move back on shore with a big chunk (maybe all)of your assets tied up in the boat?

My wife & I ran into an older (mid 70s) couple in Baha. After he retired from the Merchant Marine as a captain of large fraighters, and she retired as an RN, both having good retirement plans, it was time for them to move back to shore life. They had been cruising for about 15 years. They had lived the cruisers life, and my wife & I were truely inspired by their live aboard lifestyle. But they were really concerned about reintegrating. In the 15 years they''d been cruising, most of it outside the US, I wounder how much the cost of living had gone up. Their boat might have lost 50% of its original value, while at the same time, a home might double or tripple in price. I''m not throwing cold water on your plan, just sprinkling a little around. But if we ever moved away from San Diego, I don''t think we could ever afford to move back. I know I could live in a camper on the back of a pick-up; most men can. And that''s about all I''d have if I ever told my wife that we''re not only moving to a different state, but that she has to sell/giveaway all her ''stuff'' and live in a space smaller than a 22'' travel trailer. Of course, only you & your bride can know what''s right for you. So live the dream, but be sure to lower the ladder before you jump in the water.

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