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I hate this sorta crap. Don't get me wrong I always try to abide by the rules and I think most of them do make the waters safer but busting someone for not having the exact light config for a particular state when technically you were correct judging by those rules you posted. I have a 10' Zodiac that came with my boat. I never even got around to putting the numbers and reg sticker on there till the end of the summer let alone carrying life jackets, horns, flares, fire extinguishers...etc. I only use it carrying adults to and from land or another boat going under 5 knts for a max distance of a mile if that. I mean if I had children or was using that to go fishing or for something more then maybe I can see making an argument for that crap to be in a tiny little dink but otherwise those "revenue collectors" can go f*ck themselves.

Also has anyone ever tried having lights on the bow of the dink at night? You can't see a thing! Ahh there I go ranting but I just get pissed off at these useless rules and more than that the people actually enforcing these rules when they really should be busting the large ass power boats that are always breaking the channel speed limit, waking other boats that are abiding by the rules, and all the other aholes out there that are actually doing things that could endanger other boaters. I would fight that just on principal alone.

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