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Horseshoe on rope?

While you are at it, add a MOB strobe to the package. The full set-up should consist of the following: MOB stobe connected to the Horseshoe by about 6'' Poly "Waterskiing" line, then the Horseshoe connected to the MOB pole by about 15'' of Poly line.

The idea is that if a person falls over at night, they swim to the light, pull on the rope to get to the horseshoe. The poly line needs to be replaced annually, as it degrades rapidly in the sun. You should also include a drogue chute on the Horseshoe to be deployed to prevent excessive drifting. A whistle is also a good idea.

You also need to make sure everything is free to be dropped over with no tangles or obstructions. All crewmembers also need to know how to properly deploy and use this set-up.

Also make sure you have an idea of how you are going to retrieve your MOB once you come along side of them. Do you have a halyard that can reach the water? Are you planing on using a lifesling? Does everyone know how it works?

If you are the sole person on board who has all the answers, you had better become comfortable using a harness and jack lines. I have port and starboard lines rigged from my stem fitting to my stern cleats, and wear my harness and a 6'' tether and carabiner. I do this whenever I am alone or with a crew who is less comfortable with handling my boat if I was in the water.

Good luck and safe sailing.
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