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Not enough catamaran's on this thread, and trust me folks with 690 sq ft (no spin, just fore and main) of sail up on a 33.5 ft boat, 10000 pound boat, I got your BFS.
I don't have the fancy Photoshop skills so I can't draw lines and such to show the angle of heel that almost spilled my drink, but I assure your that the 6 inch chop whipped up by the 10kt breeze I had to endure was sufficient to spill the sacred Rum and get one of my rails damp. The other rail was definitely wet with condensation - at the same time.P1010074.jpg

Later, the wind picked up to an absolutely whistling 12knts (true mind you, so add boat speed of three zillion knots, do the vector math and it at least 13 kts apparent) I was on a beam under full sail with serious BFS up and the characteristic twin wake throwing a plume behind me when I decided it was time to fall off and run from the obvious storm chasing my wake so I deployed my sea anchor's to slow me down to a manageable speed:DSC01646.jpg

Afterwards, when the wind had died down to a more reasonable speed of 10kts I again turned to a beam heading and that my friends and fellow thrill junkies is when it hit with a vengeance
Like I said, I can't draw lines and such - but I estimate a solid 5 degrees of heel, my rubber bottomed Newport cup actually leaned into the side of the cup holder and forced me to move it. I had to put down my book and take a walk on my back porch to see what the commotion was. Fortunately I took my camera with me and snapped this shot of my cockpit in total disarrayP1010056.jpg
Look at how my chair actually slid to port with the monster angle of heel, notice the EMPTY cup holder. Notice the Admiral is actually grasping the side of the salon table for balance, she almost had to stop reading.

My God, we were lucky that day.
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