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About To Do It Questions

OK, so since I started this thread back in July, I thought it was time to report back. Before doing so, I invite the reader to read the entire thread including posts by a guy who''s nickname rhymes with thread and determine for yourself how much to believe, even if it''s written in ''faux-pirate''.

I moved to Long Island Sound, 1/2 hour from Manhattan on Labor Day weekend on my 35 foot Dufour. The last leg of the sail started in Stratford, CT. I set my waypoint for my new home harbor in Westchester County, NY and then looked at the horizon for something to steer towards. Off in the distance, was a spire...dead on took about another 1/2 hour to realize that my heading was the Empire State Building! I have to admit that, even before 9/11, that site always made me smile...on this day, it evoked a chuckle.

After getting settled at the dock, I was able to secure phone service, DSL and cable. The question of heat still lingered. My next door neighbors (liveaboards with lots of experience and a 3 year old daughter) convinced me to buy a Monitor kerosene heater (Model 422 - 20,000 BTUs) and I installed a gravity feed line with fuel filter from a 9 gallon tank mounted on deck. I also bought a 1500 watt inverter so as to have heat in the event of a power outage...impossible with electric heat. In November I had only the cockpit shrink wrapped (to give me a ''Florida Room'' as ''Big Thread'' would call it) and a place to take off wet shoes.

Based on the recommendation of one of the replies in this thread, I installed a Lectra/San head system and am delighted with it. I''ve bought some of their odor treatment (you have to be careful what you add due to hyrdrochloric acid) and it has been odor and trouble free. Due to the relatively low salinity of Long Island Sound and the low salt content of cold water, I''ve been adding a jigger of salt (aaaaaarrrrrgh, Jimmy Buffett...I''ve got it here in the REAL paradise) to every 3rd or 4th flush following the ''if it''s mellow, let it yellow....'' rubric.

The heater works mostly at 25% capacity (right now for example and it''s 26 degrees out) since it''s more than adequate and the shrink-wrapped cockpit gets up to 70 degrees easily even when it''s 20 degrees outside.

Since moving here we''ve had the remnants of Hurricane Isobel, a storm with gale force winds, numerous days with temperatures hovering around 0 degrees, a couple of snow storms and I love it!!!!

I love New Yorkers...yeah, I know their reputation, but, from the experience of guy who grew up in a small town and felt part of a community there, I have to tell you that New Yorkers are a special breed...kind, open, smart, willing to help and funny. I have NEVER been treated this well anywhere I''ve lived...including Florida aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgh.

If I had to do it over again, I would''ve bought a boat with standing room in the V-berth and Aft-berth. I''ve set up my bunk in the main salon and it''s become a giant sofa during the day for reading, doing client calls and, at night, time to catch up on my Tivo-ed programs.

My next major challenge is to begin organizing and securing my ''stuff'' to be able to sail without having to do hours of work to secure my home/office items.

If anyone is considering living aboard in a cold climate, I''d offer this advice:

1) Make sure you don''t try it alone...neighbors make the process so much easier...everyone helps everyone else and the griping about having to fill the water tanks when it''s snowing and 0 degrees turns into an excuse to get together for dinner later.

2) Heat. ''nuf said. I wouldn''t go with electric due to the cost and the difficulty in getting the space warm and dry and the risk of a power outage. The Monitor kerosene heater is efficient, inexpensive to operate, no fumes, very little risk - you can put a match to kerosene and nothing will happen...other than people running away from you as if you''re crazy.

3)''ll be an adventure

4) Ignore pirates...they have waaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands...probably the result of not spending time reading their voter instructions during the last presidential''s a card with names on it and you punch out the chad next to the name you like...geesh.

Be well,

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