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Valiente - Ahh Mother Nature, the original roller furling! Charlie's photo of the green water rail bears your point out. Fenders in the water - who gives a damn? I mean he's hammering so hard they're actually floating above the deck! So, to sum up - 50 degrees, line-chewed-flesh, and chest-deep-greenwater - BFS, dude, BFS!

Now Valiente brings up a good point that I think needs to be addressed. The whole "Photo-Happened Edict" was presented by Giu, and I think is perfectly valid in most situations. However, it needs some clarification lest it dissuade the newbies from throwing down herein. So...

Addendum 1: IF one is an old salt and is throwing down a BFS as if it's pure, true and virginal - then the PHE applies, or is at least tremendously helpful in silencing those screaming MDB.

Addendum 2: HOWEVER, if one is a newbie, said newbie is not exactly going to have the wherewithal to be snapping mementos while simultaneously battling to survive either physical harm or immense embarrassment. So newbies get a pass - PHE is rescinded. They just need to actually live through their harrowing adventure and tell their story in the safe and nurturing environs of BFS. Heh-heh.

Addendum 3: ALSO, if anyone, newbie and salt alike, is throwing down outright lies to entertain the masses and make themselves look good, while simultaneously infuriating those that actually care about MDB, then they are most revered in BFS. Especially when everyone initially believes the tale that is so obviously MDB (e.g. - the much revered Pain's offering). AND - especially if the MDBer refuses to backdown even when confronted with incontrovertible evidence that he/she packed to the gills with said MDB. In such cases, the PHE likewise goes out the window unless it's an ingeniously photoshopped piece of evidence that backs up the blazing MDB (see Giu's many previous posts). NOW - a caveat - if the poster's MDB attempts are either/both numerous and/or lame, then everyone in the BFS constituency reserves the right to mercilessly beat the hell out of them and banish them to AFOC - newbie and salt alike.

Okay - I think that clears everything up. Carry on.

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