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Cetol Vs Honey Teak

The search for the holy grail of wood finishes seems to never stop. I used to swear by a product called SunShield when I owned a wooden boat, they don''t make it any more. It had it''s own problems but worked great for me. I''ve used cetol, epoxy, poly and a few others that I can''t remember now. Epoxy works great until it fails. It will fail at the edges and where it gets chipped. Then it''s a pain. Cetol looks crapy until it fails. It''s an option for a wooden boat however.

There are some of the new-age finishes are very fussy. Don''t apply in certain humidity or it will blister. Don''t apply in the direct sunshine. How does that work??????? Nothing is worse than having to strip a complete finish job and redo it.

I find it boils down to one thing. How easy and forgiving is it to apply. I now use captains varnish. Two coats once a year. As an example of the forgiving nature of varnish, I had just completed the finish coat and it started to rain. I left the boat thinking I would have to sand it all off the next day and redo it. What a supprise to find it looked perfect the next day.

I have never found anything that you can ignore. If you use the boat you will nick the woodwork or wear it off from a line rubbing against it. Then it need refinishing.

Have fun.
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