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Originally Posted by myster
Wouldn't the house bank pull all the current from the alternator, leaving the starting bank with no current until the house batteries get back to 13V? (am I not understanding this correctly?)
This is the part of the whole Echo Charge thing that has always seemed backwards to me. In my mind it makes more sense to charge the starting battery and then the house battery. First and foremost, no matter what else happens, I want the starter battery fully charged so that I can always start the engine whenever I need to. Then, after that is covered, charge up the house bank with whatever excess current you have available. That's how it makes sense to me.

Okay, so maybe I've got this all backwards. I've had people tell me that I do, and they've explained why, but the explanations never quite added up to me. Still makes sense to me that you would want to charge the starting battery first, and the house battery after that.
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