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Good Initiative, Bad Judgement

This guy was no more heroic at this stunt than was George Armstong Custer. He also expected others to pay with their lives in return for his reckless, self driven choices. Sure! a little e'lan goes a long way, but only so much as its accompanied by proper planning, training, and equipment.

This guy set sail with little more than a great attitude, and expected that it was all he needed to accomplish any task! No one can say he did not have energetic initiative, but his misplaced judegement almost got himself killed and risked the lives of those reserved for "unintentional" emergencies. A Marine should know exacty what the proper mix of planning and execution is, but he screwed that one up. People like him tend to take uneccesary risks in combat, too, and it makes me wonder.

I can applaud his combat service and tenacity. But he may be failing to attribute the deliberate factors that attributed to his previous successes. His fellow Marines carefully trained, prepared and planned so that he and his buddies would not be a target, and let's not forget the Corpsman and Docs who trained and prepared to treat wounds like his. I doubt he would've wanted the guy who "slept at a Holiday Inn last night" to heal his wounds no matter how much of a positive attitude the guy had.
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