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My good friend Cam and I had what could be described as a LFS this summer when we set a world record sailing around Scott Island in a very old Albcore sailboat.With a very baggy main and a 420 jib(which was almost a Genoa on this boat) we left from his cottage on Scott Island.
With a varible north wind we set off with very little planning(forgot the beer!) and headed downwind for a run of about 5 miles across Newborough Lake.As we passed a lovely cottage Cam noted that it belonged to the Beaver family.I said "that's nice do you know them?"He said " no they are real beavers.They chewed a hole in the floor and are living in the living room".
After that we sailed into Clear Lake and Cam showed me where a former Prime Minister's sons dove off a 50' cliff(I could hardly contain myself!!)
Then we sailed through the narrows while power boats waited for us to get the HELL OUT OF THE WAY and into Indian Lake where the wind went really light.I wanted to paddle but Cam said that would ruin the record.
After a while we made it to Benson Lake where we had more wind(Apparently) as it was on the nose now but the water was getting shallow and weedy.Geez I'm getting thirsty!!
Every 100' we had to pull up the centre board to clear it of weeds or to let us pass over rocks and stumps.On one occasion I reefed too hard on the centreboard and broke off the top third of it.The bottom 2/3 was still there but stuck in the "UP" position.WE were now going to leward pretty fast and the rest of the journey was to windward.Tried using a paddle as a leeboard but that was as useless as banking regulations.Next I jammed the paddle into the cenerboard slot and away we went again.I was getting worried that the girls would be checking our insurance policies but a few minutes later Cam's neighbour showed up in his "stink pot" to tell us the girls were worried that we had gotten lost because we were late for supper .
We were now in Mosquito Lake and 1/4 mile from cold beer.I said to hell with the record and started paddling.When we got back the hamburgs were on the barby and the the beer was cold and delicious.
All in all it was a fun day on the Rideau and next year we are going to try to improve our time(we won't forget the "provisions") .
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