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nesting dingies vs inflatable kayaks as tenders

Hey all,

My boat has a whopping 4'' of foredeck, and about that much beam at the stearn, and seeing as how I can make about 4 kts if everything is happy, I''m not ok loosing a kt trying to tow a dingy thats got more drag than my entire boat.

So I''ve found too "maybe" options, and would like to get some feedback.

Any tender I get will be for rowing only.

Option 1.

a "Two Paw 8''" 8 foot, nesting pram.

Fits on the fordeck (4''x 3.5''x21" nested)
Varnished wood looks better than cheap pvc.
Wont pop.
Carries "3" (which owners say translates into 2 adults comfortably)
Simple but fun looking project to do.
Should be no problem rowing out a 25# hook

another 65 lbs on the bow isn''t going to help ensure a dry ride.
scratching up my fordeck
trying to (dis)assemble it.
Not sure it has enough freeboard (this shouldnt be too dificult to fix though)


A Pair of inflatable 1 man kayaks. I know a few small boat sailors who do this.

each pack down as small as a backpack
2 people can go to diffrent places, or go exploring.
I know I can inflate on on josie and not send stuff flying.

a hook and an inflatable kayak just dont sound like a good combination.
have to inflate and deflate.
have to tow one to get any serious load (may not be an issue, because there''s not room on Josie for any serious load of stuff)
Cant cary 2 people.
probibly going to get wet if coming in through a chop (may still apply to the pram too though)

Are there other factors I''m missing?



-- James
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