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Capri 26 help!

Hello there I am also A Capri 26 owner, I appreciate your enthusiasm for the boat. Its very hard to get info on her. Your last poat said you were considering getting a larger Genoa, Did you? and if so how does it sail? I am considering a 155% but my fellow sailors seem to think that the 155% will be overpowering her, and hard to handle. What are your thoughts?

Originally Posted by captainjimbolio View Post
I hope Thorsten was practicing his sarchasm because the Capri 26 (At least for me) has been a great 1st boat). I have a 1991 Wing keel with an outboard.

  • Good interior room - I've had 4 adults and 4 kids sleep over night on her.
  • Stable - Have had her over to 32 degrees. The furthest I have had her out is 10 Mi off shore in San Diego. She weathered 8' swells pretty well on the way to Mission Bay.
  • Trailerable: Mine weighs in at 5100 lbs empty, but the fin keel is a little heavier I think
  • Shallow draft Wing or Fin Keel. I only draw 3.5' (Which has come in handy) but I'm sure I have given up some windward performance because of the wing keel.
  • Room: 6' Headroom-Which makes it a palace for my little 5'8" self. Two 9' cockpit benches are ideal for outdoor sleeping, the drop down talble makes a large double (Or quadruple with kids) berth, the under Cockpit Pilot berth easily sleeps two. I usually end up as the entertainment boat at a raft up. I have had 10 people in the cockpit.
  • Enclosed head, with shower
  • Pressure water - I have a hot water heater which gives me two days hot-warm water once unplugged from the dock
  • Wide - 9'6" beam - gives you 1' decks on either side of the cabin. Foredeck has room for 1/2 a dozen kids hanging feet over to catch the wakes.
  • Sugarscoop Transom - Great for access to the outboard, swimming, boarding from dingy
  • Diesel OR outboard (Diesel takes up all the room under the companionway that's why I like my outboard)
  • Tiller - Gives you the Feel of the ocean.
  • Active community of owners (there is a capri 26 yahoo group out there)
  • Did I say it was WIDE - the 9'6" makes you only legal on the road on a trailer if you have WIDE LOAD permits, signs, etc. A pain.
  • Performance: She easily get's to within 45degrees of windward and her hull is rated at 5Kts. (I have had her up to 8.15Kts when I had the 32degree heel) but generally 4-5 kts is typical in 10-15kts breeze.
  • Sailplan: On my sloop, the foresail (IMHO) is a little undersized. I have a 100% Jib rollerfurled, that I have difficulty trimming to perfection. (Luffs a lot). I move the genoa cars around a lot. My winches are on the cabin top and if I want to upgrade to a 130-150Genny, I have to get two winches, genoa car tracks, etc mounted on the deck above the cockpit. There are oodles of C26's out there already set up with 4 winches.
  • Wood, there is not a lot of wood on the outside, but there is enough to tie you up every couple of years sanding, staining and varnishing. To me, this is part of the joy of boat ownership.
  • Parts not easy to obtain - I needed a new stern ladder (Mine developed a rust hole) and it took me a long time, photos and measurments to help Catalina figure out what the heck I had there. It's a special bend because of the sugar scoop transom. Other plastic parts have withered away over the years, and it's not easy to find those either.
I have to disagree with the workmanship comment - Occasionally I'll find a screw that is out of place, but not often. Depreciation seems to have leveled out. The range right now is about 12,000 - 22,000 for a capri 26. I paid 18K for mine in 2001. (But my 7,500 gvw trailer would add to the value, that I bought after the purchase of the boat).

I hope this helps

You can see pictures of her in my avitar and sig.
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