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Sorry K1...

Originally Posted by k1vsk View Post
Why would anyone say something like that implying I don't know what I'm talking about?
I've lived in New England for 61 years (so far), most of which as a boater, so I am not "clear" how I can not "clearly" have any experience... Perhaps you can see the snow in the picture?

Back to the issue -

The boom tent shown has a connector to cover the deck fwd but with the dinghy there, the surface area remaining is negligible and in 40+ years (with various boats), so far, so good... no damage from condensation or anything else and, in this case, the deck (non skid) is Awlgrip, as is the topside, so I am particularly keen on proper covering.

As a practical matter, it is quite difficult to completely insulate a boat from moisture as thoroughly enclosing it so as to preclude ventilation only serves to promote condensation, both within the boat as well as it's exterior. The Awlgrip serves to complicate the equation as it is essential it has ventilation space.

Sorry my bad. I should know by now never assume!! I'm such a schmuck.. I checked your profile and it did not list a location. I then clicked your photo and got an error message. It worked this time and I see you are from RI and I see the snow. When you said boom tent that is NOT what I envisioned. That is about a 70-80% cover! I pictured a 15-20% cover only over the cockpit and some of the cabin..

I guess there is a difference between Maine and RI weather. Up here with a dark green hull if you don't cover the decks the temp swings from day to night and the solar gain on a dark hull will create actual precipitation inside boats with snow on decks. I looked at an Ericson 38 three years ago that was a virtual science experiment and it was literally snowing inside in it's own micro environement. Annie Gray my broker had never seen it snow in a boat and I had not either. i have seen it snow in my tents during winter expiditions but that was my first experience with snow inside a boat.

She had over two and a halff feet of snow on decks at a constant 32f. The the sun would come up and heat the top sides warming the interior into the 40's or even 50's while the deck was still at 32 degrees.. To make a long story short it was for sale and this was the first year it was uncovered. By April, whe I looked at it, the boat and iterior wood work was severly damaged and water stained. The foam backed headliner was so saturated with condensation that it colapsed and blew out zipers in some areas...

Now I'm sure it did not help that the boat sat facing SE near the waters edge and saw early morning sun on the hull after very cold evening temps

You're boom tent covers a lot but and I'm sure works fine with the weateher you guys see. It is very rare to see a boat up here without full coverage but by the time you hit MA some actually sit uncovered.

Our 2005 Catalina 310 sat uncovered at Eastern Yacht Sales in Hingham and it did condensate when snow was on deck. Once we closed the deal I paid to have it covered for four months.

If your decks are Awlgrip it's not a good idea to let snow sit directly on it. If you can, try to brush it off the foredecks. For short durations with dry outs in between you'll be fine..It's really much worse with deep snow as the hydraulic pressure from the weight of the snow can force moisture through teh paint causing blisters and bubles.

I was guessing you were from SC or somewher that never sees snow and you had a small boom tent.. Sorry for teh confusion.

P.S. You might consider updating your profile...

-Maine Sail / CS-36T

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