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I'm afraid I'm in agreement with most here. Certification and licensing are not anything helpful in many cases.

Certainly if someone is providing a SERVICE we all want to be assured they are qualified and competent and definitely "requiring" them to pass a TEST to get their license is one thing.

If you're going to carry paying passengers, I can certainly see the need.

However, if you're like me and all I want to do is get out from under already stifling regulation in everything I do then licensing people to "drive a boat" is silly.

On the other hand I've no problem with someone taking a boating safety course and so forth. The Coast Guard offers them I noted on a couple of sites I was just reading.

I'm in the IT/Security field these days. The GOVERNMENT is starting to REQUIRE you have good old Microsoft Certified Security Engineer certifications. This is the most idiotic thing they can do at this time in history.

Computers are everywhere, and everyone 'drives them'.

It isn't the people like me who maintain networks and physical security systems that NEED THE TRAINING! It's the USERS. But are the users being required to have certification? They are the ones who get the viruses. They are the ones that pour coffee in my remote access panels. They are the ones who break things.

Why do *I* need a certification to prove I can (and have been for years) maintain(ing) the equipment?

No... licensing boaters with a drivers license is a silly idea.

The Government can't even take care of it's own "ship" - what makes them or anyone else think they can make me "better take care of mine"?

Government needs to get the HELL out of my life and everyone elses.

The job I do is protect this country. I do it in the background, without asking ANYONE for help. The government needs to take a long, hard look at the lessons the military can teach them. Do your job, do it in the background, keep the bad guys out, and leave the people ALONE.

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