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Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
It may not fall from the sky, but it can sure sink quickly. That makes it dangerous. You can make someone else sink quickly. As such, you are a liability to others. Also, most planes can, in theory when there is an emergency, find a place to land. That may or may not save them. When at sea, in an emergency, you cannot simply find a safe port.

I do not find comparing cars to boats apples to apples at all. Cars do not sink. Cars do not get beyond a safe port. When your car gets a hole in it, you can get out and walk. In general, you cannot swim back from a boat.

- CD


If you're going to compare things, then emergencies happen in cars and trucks too.

Planes are a little different than anything else. The laws of physics keep them in the air. Break the 'rules' (by attempting maneuvers that they aren't built for as an example) and they crash.

The exact same thing applies to both cars and boats - and bicycles and skateboards and roller skates. Why don't we have license for cellular telephones? People are 1) using radio systems.... I have to have a license to use MY radios. And they use them in cars and crash because of them. 2) People on skateboards and roller skates crash all the time on sidewalks, running old people down (in my area especially for some reason). They have licenses. They can crash...

and the lists go on.

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