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Listen CD, I never said it wasn't silly.

I said if you're going to compare things, then realize that ALL things are dangerous to some extent, and if that is the case, then ALL things should be registered, legislated, locked, put in safes, and licensed.

It's a ridiculous concept - which is my point - A boat is NOT more dangerous than a car.

I'll explain. How many times have police officers ever shot a boat driver dead because he attempted to run them down with the boat? A handful of times?

People are killed by police more than a dozen times a year in the US because a dumbass attempted to drive a car over a cop.

That ALONE makes a car dangerous and the driver STUPID.

If I learn all I can learn about boating and I take my boat out carefully and thoughtfully, and I take the time to make sure my safety gear is checked and functional and I don't do anything "stupid" I should be fine. Certainly accidents happen and I can't stop some one else from doing a dumb thing and colliding with me.

I can't do anything about it on the "high seas" except attempt to avoid collision.

I can't do anything about it on the "High WAY" except attempt to avoid collision.

But, CARS go FASTER than boats.

Further more:

The average number of US traffic fatalities during the 2001 to 2005 calendar period is 42,873.

I can't give you exact numbers on airplane fatalities, because there's apparently not a precise count in any one place - but in the US alone, there are on average between 21,000 and 40,000fatalities in cars ( no exact count as there are varying figures at various sites.

For planes:


1988 30/ 1989 28/ 1990 24/ 1991 26/ 1992 18/ 1993 23/ 1994 23/ 1995 36/ 1996 37/ 1997 49/ 1998 50/ 1999 51/ 2000 56/ 2001 46/ 2002 41/ 2003 54/ 2004 30/ 2005 40/ 2006 33/ 2007 26/

Basically, it appears in my quick research that there are about 200 deaths per year (on average) associated with flying.

According to one site in the year 2000 there were 791 fatalities - and over 4000 injuries. Not all boating accidents are reported and less than 10% of all accidents result in fatalities.

So... in that respect, flying in a plane or riding in a boat are about "the same" on average - but cars are vastly more dangerous.

Is boating really that much less dangerous than flying a plane?? Licensing will not suddenly stop the idiots nor will it suddenly stop all fatalities. However, it would help.
No it won't help. You can't make a law about everything, nor do you want to. There's already too damned much governmental interference in EVERYONE's lives.

You cannot even do that with a car... and a boat is much more dangerous than a car. Yet you are required to have a license with a car. With a boat?? Nothing.
According to the simple and quick research I did, you're incorrect. Boat is NOT more dangerous than driving a car.

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