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Originally Posted by Omatako View Post
What about the 8-year-old kid who starts on his Optimist off his local beach then migrates to something bigger, gets a spot crewing on a racing boat and sails actively with good mentors for 15 years before he gets his own boat. He needs to get a licence?

Yep..even him needs a licence...that is the country sail, you need a licence according to what you son will have his first licence at 16, now he is proudly sailing with a certificate of competence provided by the Sailing Federation...that would be what the kid in your example needs, that certificate...

Then what about the cruising visitor to the US or Portugal for that matter? What if the country he comes from doesn't have the same licence requirement? Does he have to do a local licence? Or do they just say "Nah, he'll be OK"? And don't say that he's crossed an ocean, he should be good, Ronnie may have made it to your shores!!

Any visitor, and we have many "licence less" sailors from the US here, have come and have gone..the law here is clear..the rules of his country legislation regarding the handling of his boat applies...he can't however operate any other boat than the one he cam in...

Originally Posted by vadimgo View Post
(could not you achieve same purpose by giving them for a test, say, 20 pages of Japanese poetry, and only the most committed would pass the test???)

This you say above, makes absolutely no sense at all...don't joke about our system..I am not joking about yours..ours is done by extremely competent examiners, hired by the NAVY, the material and stuff we leran is actually quite usefull and serves us good...don't like it,. don't eat it..but don't mock it, please..

But, from I’ve experienced,
FOR SURE the cost licensing and enforcing it would be passes on to the boaters.

Our licences are free, you just pay the school of your choice for their time..everything else is free, or almost we pay a 5 euro fee..

FOR SURE all government agencies (And Alex, Navy, Coast guard or in US Department of Homeland Security is a government, call it what you want, it means that Customs, Criminal Police and any State of Federal branch, like the one dealing with taxes will access that database too) will have me on their list as a person licensed to sail which means a person that should be regularly checked for compliance and the fact that his license could be revoked could be used as leverage.

Our licencing is done by an Institute, that has no affiliation to the Governmemnt they apply the law the state sets forth... (its called instituto maritimo portuario). HERE SEE FOR YOURSELF
our licences are for life and not revoked ever...they are a certificate showing you completed a course..guess what..suited for the vessel you operate, the way you operate...

FOR SURE the fees will be increased regularly (So “the quality of services to the boating public could be improved”)
And I WOULD BET MY BOAT they will cause a lot of restrictions on the boating people.
BTW, I really doubt Marinas, Insurers and all the businesses around ask for your license because they consider it good practice. No, they are required, (somebody with more knowledge in the business law would explain it better, but, if the activity you are practicing is licensed by government, you can not do business with unlicensed individuals, that’s it, your contract for boat storage would be invalid …- even if there is no sanctions, there is no protection from the law…)

That sense whatsoever

I would try to summarize my feelings on the issue

Yep, some bad folks could be kept from certain activity by some governing body, but inevitably, it will cause a lot of problems and inconveniences to good people too.
I would rather see once in a while some Sea Ray backing into me at the dock and hope they have sufficient insurance that spent my time and money proving to some bureaucrat I can handle my boat.

(and that was my definition of liberal believes before, as I understood, in US they call it Libertarian…??? )

If licensing of drivers is any reference, its effect on the safety on the roads is really marginal. And I am talking about EU countries where it is really hard to get a driving license. sense....I drive in the US, in Brasil, in Argentina, Chile, Colombia you name it....don't even go there....
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