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Originally Posted by sailingdog View Post

It would be nice if people at least made a minimal effort towards doing some research themselves... it does get a bit tiring to get very basic questions that anyone could use google to answer... and it shows a lack of consideration to expect stuff to be handed to you on a silver plate.

That said, I seriously doubt that google in canada and google in the us show very much difference at all.

You and I have been here for some time now and know each other (online ishly speaking) reasonably well but this attitude of yours to what is an inoffensive question is not cricket. I say that as someone who gets on reasonably well with you, who is grateful for the many instances where you have offered useful advise and am impressed by your willingness to assist other members.

I also thoroughly agree with you when you jump down the throat of some moron asking a really stupid question but this was simply a request for information. It didn't deserve a scathing response.

Same goes for you Gershel, even though I don't really know you.

A couple of points......

SD....if newbie questions get up your nose then don't respond to them. It is not your allotted role in life to contribute to every single thread on this board.

In's my thinking that many newbies ask these ' why didn't you do some research yourself ' questions partially as a way of breaking the ice and entering the forum. Like the folk who line the walls at parties and dances some folk find it difficult to just jump into a conversation. It's called shyness.

So for once I am agreeing with bloody Cam. Now that is almost as bad as agreeing with Sway and PB but there you go. Look what you bastards have made me do now.

ps - Anyway, Christina could be cute and there is a distinct lack of half way decent looking women on this board......far too many ugly grouchy old bastards like me and SD.....oh yeah and that Portuguese wanker........did I mention the dork with the BBQs ????

Andrew B (Malö 39 Classic)

“Life is a trick, and you get one chance to learn it.”
― Terry Pratchett.

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