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Originally Posted by sailingdog View Post

Sorry to hear the bad news... It would have been nice if the broker/owners had been open and upfront about the blistering, since that's generally a deal killer...

At this point I'd highly recommend you use the following POST when checking boats out, so you can get rid of the turkeys before paying a surveyor... It is really why I wrote that post.
Thanks sailingdog for the link to your post. All great information in there. I'm not sure it would make a difference in this case, since the boat appeared to be well-maintained in all other respects, and when we visited it, we went over it in great detail (with many pics and notes). It was one of the better-maintained boats we seen. Today, with the survey partially done, the boat was doing quite well. If not for the bottom, we probably would have still had a deal. And most importantly, I don't know how we could have known about the blisters without hauling the boat. We flat out asked about that before we made an offer on the boat, and the owners said there were none when it was last hauled (this is technically possible, though we'll never know for sure). Thanks again, back to the search!
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