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Originally Posted by Delirious View Post
Yeeeee. Nasty.

There's blisters, and then there's blisters. Some are merely cosmetic dimples under the gel-coat and others are rotten to the core (so to speak). I'd run screaming from a boat the surveyor recommended a full-blown peel job, but a few (50 or less) SMALL dime or nickel sized blisters on a 20 year old boat are not a deal breaker (for me, anyway). As long as the underlying hull is sound it's a half-day to "zing" them with a grinder, time to let the spots dry (non-sailing months - we have five of those up north) and then a half day to fair in with epoxy resin.

If you find blisters on a 3 or 4 year old boat - that's a bad sign.

Here's a report written by someone not trying to sell you a "peel"

Reparing & Preventing Blisters
You're right Delirious, and in this case it was BLISTERS. If it had been a dozen or two, and small, we would've been OK with possibly discussing some price adjustments. These blisters were much more numerous, and several inches in diameter. Eeek. We may be off to see another boat or two this weekend, so it's not all bad, right?
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