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Got my title for the 30 footer..

I am a professional Composite Fabricator, I will have the NEW keel installed by Valiant yachts in Gordonville Texas, (i went up to visit there plant last week and made arrangements) also there is nothing unsafe about the boat and when I get done fixing the engine or replacing it I will have basically a totally refurbished yacht. I will keep the boat untill I retire in 2012, and even if I sell it in a year...So what. When I do decide to sell it I will have it Surveyed by a Professional, and if the Surveyor discovers that the boat was a Salvage boat than I will tell future buyers, But if the Surveyor finds the boat in a safe, sound and seaworthy condition then thats how the boat will be sold. This boat wasn''t in a Hurricane or pulled up from the deep after resting there for awhile, infact the boat only got enough water in it to damage the wiring around the engine area and the water did not even reach the tops of the settees. I already plan on replacing all the wiring anyway. Are you saying that if I had a brand new J42 and the boat dismasted in a race and caused some dammage to the top of the cabin and fell on the side of the deck causing some more dammage and the boat took on a little water from a storm that was reeking havac at the same time that after the boat was fixed and time came to sell it I should tell the buyer that once upon a time this boat lost its mast and had to be repaired. There are lots of boats out there that have been fixed by an insurance claim that were more badly damaged than my boat and no one will ever know it because if you dammage your boat and have it fixed the title doesn''t change from good boat to a salvaged boat ONLY because the owner decided to NOT total the boat but instead repair it. Now whats the difference? Sure,, I will most likely let a prospective buyer know that my boat had its Keel replaced and that the Surveyor and Valiant mechanics have inspected the keel after it was fixed and found it to be in excellent condition and seaworthy. Now if the boat broke in halfs and was glassed back together than thats a whole different senerio.
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