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Gas Vs. Deisel (are we crazy?)

Well I guess I will be getting the same rash of e-mail about gas engines. I have an Atomic 4 gas engine,you need to cary spare ignition parts.Coil,points and condenser,plugs,a spare fuel pump electric is the best way to go if you have the manual pump it cost about three hundred bucks to make it electric.A constant duty sealed bilge blower with a deep sump hose even two on seperate switches is better. I run one if any one is below while motering just to make sure no monoxide is building up in the cabin. The motors are simple by all standards and most problems can be fixed almost any place if you have a good tool box. One thing that is a negative is if you have to do any fuel system cleaning as in filter cleaning ect, the gas that may and will get spilled makes for a bad night if you have to get up and hit the blower every hour because the smell stays in the bilge for a whole day unless you hose it down and soap it out. Dawn dish soap works OK with lots of water.Don''t smoke in the cabin or light any open flames until the next day just to be on the safe side. Forget the outboard power plant they are for dinks only or fishing skiffs not sail boats. Also an Atomic will heat a water tank for a shower in short order while you charge the batteries you can descum.I always wondered about the name ATOMIC if that was because the explosion they made was that big or what?
However I have had hundreds of hours on boats with them and never a real problem even on one we discovered ten gallons of fuel from an old leaking fuel line in the bilge while under way and still came home ok. We were known as the bio terrorists after getting the fuel out of the bilge but things happen you can not help. I guess the key is maintanance and new is good for all reasons when it comes to gas.
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