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Originally Posted by Rockter View Post
What do you do with captured pirates?
Maybe Her Majesty's Government is going to rehabilitate them?

Originally Posted by Rockter View Post
Why that frigate did not stand back and sink the lot of them with it's 47 mm? cannon is a mystery to me.
It's not, so much, to me. I'll say no more on that subject for fear of giving offence, other than to suggest Her Majesty's Royal Navy feeling they had to explicitly and emphatically note that their sailors fired "in self-defence" pretty much explains it all.

Originally Posted by Rockter View Post
That frigate captain would have been in deep kack if he had lost a man in that exchange.
Like the commander of the HMS Cornwall, Cmdr. Jeremy Woods? Yeah, he was relieved of his post, but he kept his rank. He allowed 15 British sailors and Royal Marines to be captured by a 2nd-rate power and kept his rank! Or how about the "soldier" that "cried like a baby" when the Iranians confiscated his iPod? Still in Her Majesty's Royal Navy, is he? (My bet would be "yes.") Or is he now on disability with PTSD?

I'm not going to claim our military would've done any better. The Lord knows we've had our share of embarrassments lately. Sad. Very, very sad

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