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Originally Posted by T34C View Post
nO- It's all relative. Yes many will go under in the up coming future and no one will step in to save them all. However, someone will step in to buy up a few of the better brands that they can get at a bargain. Tartan may just be one of the latter. They may even decide to buy them up and sit on it for a year or two. The economy will recover at some point in the future and there are still people/companies with pleanty of money. I am familiar with the concept. Trust me when I say my business is probably one of the top 5 enconomy/commodity driven industries around.
I wish it were just the economy/commodity cost trap. This is mostly around leverage. Big companies are having trouble raising short term working capital and are at risk of default. I'm talking major retail brand names like Linens & Things, Sound Advice...etc. Thousands of employees, hundreds of locations...deep trade accounts, and yes, even cash on hand!

Now, how does that play with small businesses, which lets face it, most of our great brands really are. Even Catalina I'd say is a "smallish" business which doesn't have access to leverage that a Group Beneteau does.

It used to be "excess liquidity in the system looking for a home" would invest in things returning 7,8...9% a year. Now, it seems like a return of less than 22% is unheard of in terms of private equity. G'luck meeting that debt coverage APR selling boats!
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