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Originally Posted by artbyjody View Post
Traveler - get a PLB not a EPIRB. a PLB you register to yourself a EPIRB goes to the boat. A PLB you register one time and you take it wherever with no consequences.

Its also smaller than a EPIRB and looks less of a terroist threat than a EPIRB so easier to check into airports and the likes.

But to answer one of your questions - at minimum for having a non-properly, registered EPIRB that goes off friviously - its a 10K minimum fine. If it goes off while you are on another vessel - you probably will not get fined - just never located becuase it is tied to a boat name and description. So if say you have a EPIRB (I didn't read the whole thread) registered for use on a Catalina 27 and you are on a Benny 47 when it goes off - they probably will skip you by unless they geo locate and see distress if they look that far.

Got to put yourself in their shoes - EPIRBS being boat designated and why they are mucho more expensive than PLBs, is because there is more info about the boat due to the registration... So they are going to look for best match - and considering a EPIRB is designed to float and most likely in most cases become detached from the boat that sinks or is in distress... you can follow the thinking...
I can definatly follow that thinking,
Thank you for the "FINE" info.Where i'm going Plb might be the answer.Still thinking rapid responce there might respond to EPIRB better.Will cheak more with that side of the sandbox...

So back to the thread...
You take your EPIRB and take it to another boat for a weeekend...

Now the fine is? if it goes off.As in the idiot captain was over his head and set it off.Then you pay?Asking......

As for my sit...Actually think i will decline as i do not know how far back he will be published if i do push th switch....

Thank You
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