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Replacement sails - Hood''''s Vektran

Thanks to all who provided ideas. We ultimately determined that the biggest immediate gain would be from replacing the jib with one about 140 to 145%.

Had two local sailmakers look at the main (and underway photos of both sails). Consenus is that the main could be recut, resulting in an additional three - four years of club racing life.

Through Castaways we found another owner who had an oversized genoa that had seen almost no use at all. That fit in the immediate budget,. Had the local loft recut it to 140%, add UV cover and luff tape. Found Castaway''s assesment of the great condition to be right on the mark.

The result is a wonderful increase in performance and balance. Helm is more neutral (perfectly slight wx helm) over a much broader... range 4 to 18 kts. Pointing abilty increased. Last race we were heading upwind at 23 degrees off the apparent wind (16 kts. aws).

In order to meet the "managable by family" requirment we added two types of rollers on the shrouds. Just above the lower spreaders we installed the wide Forespar delrin rollers.

Down at deck level, I hijacked a great idea from someone else. (I''d love to have come up with it first.) Turns out that small gray electrical conduit is both UV stable and blends in with the shroud color. Used 3/4 inch, labels cleaned off with little rubbing with acetone & a fast water rinse. We cut a slot with a table saw to slide a 10'' length over each outer rod. Can''t hardly notice the lower rollers. Best of all the sail comes around like greased lightning.

Results first time out....
TWA***TWS** Boat speed
060****** 8.5****** 5.80
071*******8.5****** 6.32* new jib
038***** 11.0***** 6.24* new jib
078********7.4***** 6.60 new jib

The boat also seems to heel less, and I''m just guessing that is due to the lower foot (instead of the yankee cut on the smaller existing jib).

10-2005 BTW we bought a brand new main sail in 2005, with the max roach allowed before penalty. That's given us the biggest speed improvement yet from any sail change we've made on the boat. The new main also lets the boat point 10 degrees higher at the same boat speed as before. My top three choices on sailcloth have changed over the course of this thread.

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