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Stoves - pressurized alcohol or propane, which is better?
Propane is better

On my father's boat we had a pressurised alcohol stove. While it never really exploded I can remember some spectacular flare-ups and finally my mother insisting that we were all in the cockpit ready to pile overboard while my father lit the galley stove.

It was replaced with an Origo - which was failry avant garde in that area at the time.

On my own boats - up until the present one, I had Origo non-pressurised alcohol stoves and found them dependable and fairly safe. They are slow though. It takes a while to make coffee or tea.

The boat we have now came with propane. We hemmed and hawed about replacing it with an Origo purely from a safety standpoint. We ended up keeping the stove and investing in a new tank, propane sniffers, electric solenoid with automatic shut-off, and we replaced all of the hoses.

It truly is like night and day. We are no long camping on the boat and having to prepare everything to the point where it just needs to be reheated to eat. We cook full meals. We have the stove top, the oven and a barbecue. There is really not much that we can prepare at home that we can't make on the boat with relative ease.

And althought this is slightly OT - Think seriously about getting on-board hot pressurised water.

Good Luck

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