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The rule mcary is refering to is No vessel under the length of 20 metres shall impede the passage of larger vessels navigating within a narrow channel or fairway.
Also this post poses a split in conseince for me as i currently work on Tankers but in my months of am still a keen sailor i have found that i have a split personality in example 1. I come to the Bridge and the AB or Officer goes through the usual watch handover procedure which at the end consists of any other vessels in the vicinity. He will tell me we have a sailing vessel of the bow, risk of collision exists I will then say has she been altering course taking into accounts tacks, Gybes and wind direction Yes is the reply to which any Officer on the bridge will say something like the following F#@^ing Moron
This happens because in Their and 6 months of the year my mind a 30 foot sailing vessel should in no circumstances have Right of Way over a 150 metre tanker.

Situation 2. I'm in the cockpit when one of the crew tells me i think we might hit that Tanker it's fine i say we have right of way.

But really in my heart of hearts i know that large commercial vessels should have right of way over a 30 foot sailing boat but until the rules are changed enjoy my friends enjoy and take pride in the fact that someone who in the eyes of the sea god massively outranks you must bow his head and alter course even if it is under duress
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