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The Immaculate Reception (sailing related)

So, after seeing much recent hubbub surrounding the ill treatment of new posters (i.e. - newbies) by members of this fine forum, I thought it might be nice for all of us to open up a bit. Let's take this opportunity to "circle up and share our feelings" about how we each were treated on our first "date" with Sailnet.

Think back to when you finally filled in the membership form and, with trembling finger, punched that first post of yours through the fog of blather...then waited...patiently refreshing your browser until you saw that first reply. You swallowed hard, clicked, and...

How were your treated? And, just as importantly, why do think that was? I've seen phrases such as "firing squad", "beat down", and "bashfest". I think I might be seeing a pattern...but who knows?

The interesting question here, especially from the outsider's/newbie's perspective, is what kind of "community" is this Sailnet community? Is the good/bad reception site-wide? Or is it thread-specific?

I invite everyone - especially newbies (e.g. - members with fewer than 100 posts) - to dig out the very first post (or thread) you ever made to Sailnet. Link it here, and describe your ensuing "welcome".

This should be fun and educational!

PS - No "defending" herein by existing members. In this thread - you got no say. Each person should be free to post his/her Immaculate Reception without fear of retribution or crap-slinging. It they say...what it was.

(I'll share mine a bit later.)
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