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I can just see CP sitting at his computer, gritting his teeth, vein popping-out on his forehead, the Cuban glancing at him worriedly--concerned he's gonna stroke out

The above is why I don't spend more time at the MM site. Beside the fact my mad IC engine skillz aren't what they used to be, I fear I'd too-often go ballistic over IC engine n00bs w/o a clue going in all the wrong directions, doing all the wrong things, reporting the wrong things, mis-reporting the things they do get right... Seen it many, many times, over there. Sometimes I read, shake my head, and think "That can't possibly be right."

Not trying to pick on you, chtaylor. You're having iron genny problems and haven't a clue about IC engines. Not your fault--exactly. But what you're going thru isn't your A4's fault, either.

Btw: Water in the oil. I suppose this has been asked, already, but I don't suppose you once-or-twice cranked too long w/o her starting, with the raw water intake open, did you? Check the MM site for how to check for water in the cylinders. It'll come into #4, first, then on to the others. If that's the problem, and it's not too bad, it's pretty easily fixed.

Tho "IC engine mechanic" wasn't on the list of skills at which you wished to become proficient when you got into sailing, that iron genoa is part of your boat, and, if you're like the rest of us, a pretty damn imporant part when you need it. So it would behoove you to become somewhat proficient at it, whether you really want to or not. Life will be easier. Or you could hire it done. Expensive, tho, and if you're out in the middle of nowhere and a minor problem crops up, well... (Not-to-mention that, once you know what you're about, you'll probably do a better job, anyway.)

The good news is it sounds like your A4 isn't in bad shape at all. Just needs the right fixes.

Good luck.

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