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When use mast strobe light?

I do not understand where we disagree. I stated that the use of a white flare in a "I need to be seen right NOW, but this is not (yet) and emergency" situation was a good and acceptable thing.

You responded by saying that fares were for distress only and I would gt into trouble for setting one off when not in direct distress.

I pointed out that white flares are not the same as red ones and that they were an acceptable GOOD THING for becoming instantly visible without signaling distress. and would not confuse the usage.

I gave examples.

You gave examples of the exact same thing...

I am sorry, but I do not see where we disagree.

By the way. My base on this comes from the Yachtmaster course (in which I hold my coastal skipper and competet offshore crew certificate as well as a few other earlier courses). I have no experience with courses taught by the US coast gaurd (nor an interest in them, seeing as how I am in Australia). I do not have my colregs near to hand, so cannot quote chapter and verse on usage of green nd white flares. It is even possible that it comes form the big-blue-book-of-fun (International yacht racing rules) which has a section on emergency procedures.


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