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Originally Posted by camaraderie View Post
Hey Rick...I am FOR re-opening old threads if you have something relevant to add. In THIS case they were ANSWERING and giving advice to a guy who last posted 5 years ago! Thought they might like to know that!!
I know this. I also know that common sense dictates this and common sense isn't common.

My point here and in other places is still the same, and that is if I do a search and find a thread related to the question I want to ask, and no one has answered it - it doesn't matter how old the thread is.

In that case *I* WILL reopen the thread and ask the question.

As an administrator myself, this does a couple of things for me.

1) It keeps the THREAD count DOWN (and I don't care if you THINK it's cool to have a lot of threads or not, it isn't consistent with being organized on a forum).

2) It allows the thread to be revisited by the original posters, as well as new people who've not yet seen it, AND gives folks a second chance to answer the questions.

The other day after I posted my remarks here several... people... went beyond the pale and tried to prove that opening older threads was "stupid". All they did was prove the "common sense isn't common" theory.

I guess since most people don't bother to SEARCH the site before posting, everything I'm saying is moot anyway.

Oh well.

I'll still bring up the point there are three or four threads on "San Diego Sailing Academy" scattered "Over time" on the site here.

When I DID look for that information initially the threads DID NOT show up.

AFTER I started a new thread, they showed up in the search functions suddenly. (Probably a bug in the software, as I've seen similar on my site before).

Thus - I'd request again those threads be combined into one thread BECAUSE they all contain relevant information, but you have to search them all.

This software allows the combination of several threads, and the messages will be placed in chronological order so it isn't a big deal for a moderator to do it. Just takes a few minutes of their time and it would go a long way to preventing people from dredging up ancient threads that never received an answer 12 years ago I think.

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