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RUN!!!!! RUN!!!






Leave the boat and your belongings back....those little creatures, or animals you are getting are not weed eating fish....they are called "MORPIONS", they are like the crabs...of crabs...they are experts in osmosis, and enter the hull thru blisters....they squeeze themselves thru the molecules of fiber glass and wood (luckily not thru Carbon Fiber and Kevlar, as they avoid those boats..they're allergic to fast boats), on most boats, specially crappy old ones and Catalinas...

Here's a mug shot of one done by our resident artist..

What they do is, as they pass thru the hull, they get together, they aglomerate into larger masses, they eat cookies and chocolate, and then...they rape sleeping sailors...but they leave no traces...other than a funny feeling when you next go in the head....kinda like "ants in the sugar box", if you know what I mean.... An itchy a**hole.....

You need to paint your hull with a super rare very expensive paint called:


Unfortunately its very very very very it is made with a very rare substance, called French only a few cans were made...

what you do...if your lucky to get one can, is paint it over your antifouling...

I have never seen the MORPIONS, I know they exist, because some guys around my marina walk "funny"..they suffer of Gayness...a disease spread by excessive admission of Morpions analy...known victims: Boy George, Elton John, Camaraderie...etc..sad but true...

Most people..... don't admit having those bore making animals in their boats..... some do admit....but they're "openly" "different"....

I'm protected... my cruising speed is over 6kts, and my boat moves..hence no marine growth
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