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Poor man stand up blocks

Poor man stand up blocks.

if you need standup blocks, in this case, for the Spinnaker sheets , I don't like to have springs and other systems that more than often end up snagging some of the lines, in all rearwards blocks, and cockpit area...

So, to modify your regular blocks into stand up blocks, I often use the "poor man" standing block...

since 1980 I use tennis balls underneath the blocks to keep them up, and this is a good idea for dinghies where we sail barefoot most of the time and kicking the foot of a block with your toes hurts like a devil, and because its more difficult for the block to snag and hold a line that is accidentaly near it..

So this is what I do:

You will need a block, a padeye (off course attached to the deck, cabin or whatever), and a tenis ball or other soft rubber ball that is hollow and fits the size...

Attach the block as ususal to measure the height between the block and the deck/cabin...

Take a tennis bal and cut a round hole on one side, that has to be wide enough to pass the block shaft...

On the opposite side cut a slot, that is as long as the length of the padeye. Don't be affraid to cut, watch your fingers..

Install the block shaft thru the hole, attach the shackle thru the slot underneath, and attach to the padeye..


You may also cut the ball in half if you need to get different heights...experiment..generaly the more you cut the ball the softer it will be and the more flexible it will be.

This is what I use for my spinnaker standing blocks..

And I have to admit...when you look at a boat, and you see these little tricks applied, such as the tennis ball under a can imediately tell there is someone that knows what he is doing on the boat...I think it also makes the boat look really sporty and racey...

Ahh gets better, you can use many colours, as long as tenins industry paints them, and once dirty, just get a new ball.....

Good luck

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