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I've not been involved in the sailing community/market very long. 5 years to be exact. It's been long enough to know that talking about a Morris would be the same as talking about a RR or other high quality built expensive fine automobiles.

Also, why state the completely obvious at the end of your post?

What does it matter who you know or what the people around you sail regardless of the price? If you were reading an article about Ferrari motorcars and they came out with a less expensive model to allow people to enter the Ferrari marketplace in bad financial times, how does that reflect stupidity????? Seems more like class envy or class warfare to me. Do you seriously thing any of these companies think about the people that CAN'T afford them when they develop marketing plans or do an interview with the media?

Sailing a Morris, Oyster or such type or driving a Ferrari or RR does not make one a better person. Maybe more fortunate or lucky... not that LUCK has very much to do with success most of the time anyway.

Good luck.
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