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Yes, a simple automotive detector will work. The cheaper ones that aren't as discriminating and just respond to any radar signal, or a better one on maximum sensitivity (less error correction) will be effective. I read an account once where some Air Force types were testing a theory. Head-to-head, F-4's vs F-5's. The F-5 was a small sporty fighter (they played the part of the menacing black Migs on "Top Gun". Anyway, the F-5 was a budget fighter (essentially along the same lines as the later F-16 was to the F-15). The F-4 was at the other end. It had powerful radar and missiles, where the F-5 was a lightweight (no radar). In the F-4's realm, the F-5 would be picked up beyond visual range, and could be taken out by radar-guided missiles with no warning for the F-5 pilots. In mock engagements, the F-5's never had a chance. Then the boys, to see if the technology could be defeated, made a trip to a local electronics store and each F-5 went back up with it's own automotive radar detector and for under $100 bucks they then had a passive radar warning system. Soon as the detectors started chirping, the F-5's would dive for the deck. This neutralized the radar capability of the F-4's. Then the F-5's were able to get in close and score mock guns kills since the F-4's had extreme difficulty shaking off an F-5. Point being, it'll work. Now, how well it manages in a salty marine environment.....?
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