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To Sailnet - OWNERS

Dear Sailnet, Rob.

Since 2001 I have been using Sailnet, I went thru 3 Sailnet's, (and 3 different names)...I started with the couple who's name I forgot, (the Parsons or Carsons or whatever, then the Sail loft mess-they were all air anyway..I quit), raced my previous boat under that dynasty. Made a lot of guys mad, and left for SA...where I was anyway...some here remember my name then.I even remeber the first time Jeff_H posted...ehehe

Then came the second Sailnet, the one that went bankrupt, and from whom I bought over $20.000 worth of stuff, for my present boat, (at half price)- maybe that's why they went bankrupt, everything was half price), that was when my present boat was under construction...changed the name again. Raced another Sailboat under that Dynasty...another name...some also remember that..

Now..since 2006 under the name of my present boat, I am here with you..think of me like the door man at the White House..the Presidents change, but the door man is allways the same since 1956!!!!

For good and bad, I have given, and have thus far more received from English got better too.

I made and call this "my home"...I have thousands of posts, (some good, some funny, soe useless (like SD's), some just to piss off a few guys I don't like, etc..), but for the first time I have made friends here I have met and wish to maintain.

I fully understand I am a guest here at this house of yours, and as such I am expected to behave as a polite guest...which is nothing more than what I am. A guest.

I am well aware to the fact that you may be pressured by a certain boat manufacturer that we are not allowed to mention (but rymes with Tartan / C&C..), to have certain texts deleted...and understand you deleteing them to quited things down and go on with life.

I do understand. I also appologize for having posted them. I did it in good spirit to show somethng I saw.

I want you to know that Alex, the Giulietta, will continue to post as before, nothing changes. Life's too short...

After all this is only the net, and I posted the same stuff on another site, so I don't really get upset...

I am not mad, a little deceived, as you could have told me and I would have deleted I did so many times, when I pass the's OK...


I will remain here, same old same old..(well my gut is a foot shorter, so I can hold less crap than before..but I'll try to behave)..

Thank you for having me at your house, if I can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate.

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