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Sailors without Borders

Well, I think I also mentioned Point Roberts before in another thread but I'll mention it again. As Adamlien said Pont Roberts does have some pros/cons, the customs one is more perceived than real. I will admit I hate it, can't stand it, bugs the $hit out of me, but in reality, it is just me being ornery, I don't take well to being questioned all the time, but I endure and mollify them best I can. The American Customs like to strut their authority but the bottom line is they depend on us Canadians to financially support that little peninsula so they generally let us through unimpeded (we have Nexus) and I rarely if ever get questioned.
For day sailing you will not be crossing back and forth across the water border so yes your sailing will be in US waters, big deal, it doesn't feel like it. Yes the perception of customs makes it more desireable to sail the San Juans and they are exceptionally beautiful, but it is also a simple matter of pulling into any of the nexus water points and phoning Canada customs, I just get my wife to do it, they are not that bad it is mostly perception that influences attitude. Then we spend a few days cruising the Gulf Islands and call US customs on our return, no big deal really, it is just attitude, my bad attitude.

The staff there know all their customers and recognize me every time, even at this years boat show the woman hailed me in the crowd, so I went over and said hello and asked how many slips are available. She said they are just shy of 50 available slips and expect to have them filled by April 1/09. They have a pretty good setup down there and it is almost 100% Canadian occupied and they have two layers of security. The Customs border keeps out the undesireables and the marina security keeps the honest folks honest so there is little if any theft/vandalism. Sailors travel quite some distances to keep their boats there, I know of some from Cloverdale and Langley. It can't be more than 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver. They have the best location bar none and you can hoist your sails in 5 minutes. It really is all about perception both in travel and customs. There are compromises but you don't have to travel through Burrard currents or Fraser River currents or Sand Heads, Steveston, or out False creek to the Bay all of which take time and gas, and restrict yor sailing venue, I have checked out and researched all avenues and have to say that Point Roberts is worth the perceived hassle. You will sail more if you can get your sails up in 5 minutes, you can spend the time motoring out the inlet/river or spend the time driving your car, take your pick, they both consume time & gas, it is the loaction that wins in the end.
Oh, did I mention, it is common for those sailing out of English bay to remain in the northern islands, Silva Bay and the Sunshine Coast are the most favoured. When embarking from Point Roberts you pretty much have your choice of going anywhere since you are right out there front and center of all those magnificent Islands. The loacation is awesome, the staff are freindly, the tenants are Canadian and it rains less than half the time it does at Mosquito creek or Lynnwood. I know this because I live out Tswassen way and commute into Vancouver for work every day and it can be raining at work when I leave and yet be sunny when I get home.
There are close to 50 30 foot slips available folks, so what are you waiting for!

Last but not least, they have a freakin Gas Station, something False creek does not have any more. and get this I drive down once a week just to fil up one of our two vehicle with gas and gas is always $.25, 25 cents, twenty five cents per liter less than in Greater Vancouver, this includes the $exchange so you can fill your car tank and save $15 dollar on a full tank plus what you save on boat gas. You can take that to the bank!

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