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Ystanley -
Hi, and welcome. We've been living aboard for 6+ years, and I've got an office job. A couple of thoughts:
I counted all my products and I'm somewhere in between you and Admtrox and MMR.
A couple of ways to streamline: invest in a truly awesome haircut that works with your hair texture to be wash-and-wear. That lets you skip a lot of products (and save time in the AM). Now I'm down to just a brush and comb, shampoo, conditioner, shine spray, and bi-weekly clarifying shampoo. No iron, blow dryer, etc. I keep small travel size bottles of each in the locker in the head, and refill them from the large economy size jug which is stored in a less-convenient locker behind the settees. For cosmetics, many companies now offer multipurpose compact cases that you can fill with your choice of individual colors of eye shadow, blush, etc, and have everything in one small case.

That said, figure out whatever makes you feel like you're camping out, and don't compromise on that, or living aboard will feel confining very quickly. For me, its skin care - I have my own personal spa set of moisturizers, balms, toner, balancer and clay masque in a pretty wire basket that keeps me sane. For you it might be something else, but whatever it is, the small amount of space you dedicate to that non-essential is a big boost.

Office dress - pare your wardrobe down to just a few colors that work well together (you know what looks best on you, anyway). Then you can mix and match and get lots of looks from relatively few pieces, and you only need one or two sets/colors of accessories; jazz it up with a couple of scarves if you're into that. For example, mine are blues, white, and brown - no more wondering if you've picked the black socks or the navy ones out of the drawer in the semi-dark. Oh, yeah, and diamonds go with everything.

I love MMRs "fit and happy is the best cosmetic"
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