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Question Pettit Protect "Epoxy" -- Really??

This is my first barrier coat job, but I'm more than a little curious.

I mixed some of my first Pettit Protect gallon kit in the 3-to-1 ratio, and began applying to my sanded epoxy coat. By the time I got 'round to the stern again, the paint applied first appeared to be "drying". That is, I could see differences between dull-looking older paint an the newer (or thicker) portions.

Not to mention, it just didn't smell like any epoxy I've used. It smelled very strongly like good ol' oil-based enamel.

Finally, I left a little in the can and sealed the lid. The next morning, it's still liquid -- seemingly unchanged from when I mixed it.

Now, I'd expect an entire thin layer of epoxy to cure at the same rate, and any residue in the can to be hardened after some period, despite the can's closure.

So, what's the grip? How is this highly volatile paint-looking stuff supposed to be an epoxy? I'm not convinced it qualifies.

This is not to say there's definitely any problem. The stuff mixed well (though not by hand -- I had to ask the kind people at Home Depot to run it through their machine for me) and went on nicely, and covered a greater area than I'd have thought. (It did seem to, in about a half hour, just about completely dissolve the West System foam roller cover I was using . . . ) It goes on pretty thinly, so I'm sure it'll take more than three coats to get anywhere near the 20 mils -- or whatever the target thickness is (I can't remember right now).

I worked my tired behind off, spending all my spare time last fall, laboriously grinding away my gelcoat. I guess I expected something more obviously like my epoxy first coat to chemically bond with it, rather than what seems more like a simple paint. If InterProtect 2000 is more like "real" epoxy, I'd probably be feeling a lot better right now, having spent a little more $$ to use that, instead.

Anybody else have any experience around this stuff? (Thanks.)

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