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... and I'm back. Somehow missed that a reply had been posted.

So here's the new situation. That Cal we looked at was a.) in bad shape, with some pretty severe structural concerns that left neither of us even interested b.) over priced and c.) probably not what we want. We looked at a few more in various states of disrepair, and have pretty much decided we want just a bit more boat.

We just spent the weekend over in Victoria looking at boats (mostly Cals) there. On a whim, we took a look at a 24' Swiftsure that we've both fallen in love with, and the price is right at $2000. Her purchase is dependent upon 3 things:
1. That we find moorage here (see below)
2. That when we haul on Saturday morning, all is well (likely using a surveyor)
3. That the sea trial after the haul is satisfactory

The Boat
She's a 1974 24' Swiftsure. The current owner just wants her gone, and wants his moorage at the RVicYC. Though there's been tons of interest, no one in Victoria seems to have anywhere to keep her (sounds familiar!) She's obviously been loved, though likely neglected (though not abused) over the past few years. She needs a lot of brightwork done, but structurally and mechanically she's in good shape. There's a sink, water tank, semi-private head, and a decent sized v-birth ahead of the bulkhead. We'll add a stove, holding tank and possibly a tiny diesel heater. Bone dry bilges. Full set of sails in good shape (including two spinakers) and a 9.9 2-stroke outboard which started on the 2nd pull. The standing rigging looks great, though some of the running rigging will need a few new lines, cleats and blocks, and a bit of work to get more lines back to the cockpit. She's a pretty flat red at the moment, but should clean up nicely after a buff and a wax.

1. She has a "squishy" foredeck. There's about 3 ft. at the bow where you step on the fibreglass and there's about an inch of give. Obviously, it's covered in paint, but it doesn't appear to have any cracks, from the topsides or looking up from the v-berth (though the paint on the inside is cracked, the glass itself looks in good shape) There's no indication of delamination, or water intrusion. We talked with the current owner about this - his answer was that it's not a concern, and that it's simply an oddity from when builders weren't quite sure how to work with glass yet.
Do I need to worry? I can just see myself up on the foredeck hauling down the jib in a blow and falling through the deck. It seems sturdy, though bouncy... Not anything I've ever seen before, though the few people we've chatted with (not connected with the seller) don't seem to think it's a big deal. Should we consider reinforcing that with a laminated plywood crossbeam?

Her rigging is interesting. She appears to have a third set of extra shrouds... with locking blocks at the bottom, and no where to attach them. Each side currently has two shrouds (like the one in the picture) but the rear shroud has another removable, adjustable stay wrapped around it. I'm sorry I don't have a picture. The owner tried to explain it to us, but he wasn't sure where they were supposed to go either, as they seemed to interfere with either the main or the genoa when up. Any thoughts on what on earth these would be, and where they're supposed to go? They attach just below the spreaders.

In short, she's a lot of boat for so little money. Obviously we'll take her out, see how she sails, have a good look at the hull, keel, and keel bolts and decide from there.

Does anyone know anything about these boats? I can't find anything on them at all...

After calling about 20 marinas around here we now have a few options. There is immediate moorage available at Reed Point in Port Moody. We figure about two hours out to English Bay (does that seem reasonable?) So we don't get evening sails in the Bay - we'll go up the Arm or toodle around the end of Burrard Inlet. Weekend trips to the Gulf Islands or Howe Sound. The appeal of this is we're a little under half an hour from home to boat, with only one bridge, whereas getting to Point Roberts is at least 2 bridges and a tunnel. After sitting in traffic for an hour and a half to get from Lonsdale to downtown on Friday, this doesn't seem like a good option to us.

Also, as the boat we've (almost) purchased needs a lot of attention, the closeness to home to muck about on her in the evenings is a huge bonus. Fuel dock isn't a priority, as with just an outboard, it's a portable gas tank anyway.

The other option is to hold out for Burrard Civic. Which is hopefully what we'll do. They don't know yet, but they said it's likely that a 25' slip will open up for April 1st, with no guarantees. If we go that route, we'll hole up in Reed Point for the next month at month-to-month rates (ouch!) and then move down to Burrard.

Yay boat

1974 24' Swiftsure
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