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A Sailors Sunday Meditation


With all sincerity and respect, why do you respond to these posts? As I''ve said before, I think you are closer to the subject that you argue against (Christianity and the Bible) than most people are who claim to be adherents. For Pete''s sake; you''re tilting at windmills. This windmill just happens to be named bwalker42, and happens to say that she cares for your soul.

Nonetheless, I will point out that I have already given what I think is an adequate answer to your comment about your posting of "non-religious messages on religious forums" where "they may get the point that there''s a proper place for these messages, and unsolicited messages that have nothing to do with the subject matter are not welcome". So far, you are, by and large, the one who is trying to make people feel unwelcome based on the criteria of a particular set of ways of thinking (that is, "religious" thinking) that you yourself decide makes their comments unwelcome. I now challenge you to even try to do what you say will be so abhorent and see that it is not so abhorent as you would like to think. That is, try to post sailing messages on so-called religious bulletin boards and see how they respond to you. I expect that you will be surprised. Or, at least, you will be treated in a manner far different than you treat the religious protion of this bulletin board. If you really try to engage religious folk in the outlandish beauties of sailing and if they chastise you, then come back and tell us so. If they welcome you in, then welcome in the religious commentary that you have fought so hard up until this point to quell. As for your "Golden Rule", I doubt that you really want to be shunned by religious bulletin boards anyway. So why shun others.

Anyway, I don''t know of any actual "religious" bulleting boards, but I''m sure many exist. You have a keen and inquisitive, if biased, mind; engage these people that you find on these boards. You might learn more about them and, at the same time, you might just open up a whole new world of sailing for them.

Good luck.
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