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Diesel & Gas Engines?

D, I would disagree with Paul. And, at the same time, he is correct. Gas and Diesel engines have much in common. They both need fuel, air, and compression to run. The ONLY difference, and a BIG difference is the fuel system. Gasoline engines, that are carburated, are much different, IN THE FUEL SYSTEM, than diesel engines, in that the diesel engines require a primer pump, fuel metering pump, and injectors for each cylinder. Other than the fuel system, once you know how an engine functions, they are more similar than different. You need to understand that once you know how a gasoline fueled engine functions you will still need to know how a diesel fuel system functions. But, in the end, ANY information you can glean from one course will help you in gathering additional information. I have been a diesel mechanic for over 40 years. If this is the only course available for you, go for it. The money will not be wasted. You can gain the necessary diesel fuel system knowledge as you carry on with your education. Just another point of view. Regards, Peter
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