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J37 or Sabre 38MK1

Actually Denr, what I said earlier was that the Sabre 38 Mk 1 had "a deck plan that is poor for sail handling purposes." I did not say that the Sabre had "bad sail handling equipment". In the next paragraph which explained my bias regarding deck gear I said that "To me there is nothing worse than to have to deal with bad sail handling gear." which is a much more generic statement.

I stand by my comments that Sabre 38 Mk 1 had "a deck plan that is poor for sail handling purposes." I base that opinion on my experiences sailing a stock layout Sabre 38 mk1. In particular I was referring to the such items as stock layout which has the mainsheet run to a cabin top mounted traveler and then back to a winch on the cabin top. That winch was placed so that you cannot easily get to it from the helm and could not swing the handle full circle without hitting the dodger.

Then there is the traveler itself which is located near and appears to be forward of the center of the boom. Getting proper leech tension in a strong breeze is nearly imposible requiring way too much tension on the sheet making adjustments more difficult simply because of the sheet geometry and position. With proper tension on the sheet there is a deep bend in the boom and the traveler binds so that the mainsheet needs to be eased on each tack and then reset. With the traveller bound up you had to use the winch to haul the traveller to windward and the traveller control line would get an override if you did. The sheet placement also creates a long lever arm that really places tremendous and unnecessary stress on the gooseneck.

Then there is the primary jib sheet winch placed out of reach of the helm and again placed where you could not swing the handle 360 degrees without hitting the dodger and even with the dodger down, you could not use a full length handle without hitting the aft stanchion gate.

To me that is a bad deck plan.

Speaking of misinformation, my mother and father never were brokers. My mother was a boat builder and importer.

Nice to see you back on the board.


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